Your Valentine’s Day Horoscope

Struck by Cupid’s arrow yet, Charmers? With the most romantic day of the year not too far away, I say we celebrate with a little Valentine’s Day horoscope, because all you need is love, right? Speaking of the L word, the astro weather this year is going to be interesting, to say the least, and I’ll tell you why. For starters, we’re in the midst of Aquarius season, which means the majority of us are shamelessly embracing our inner rebel, while looking to make some stellar connects. *Wink wink* Secondly, the moon will be in flirtatious Gemini this Valentine’s day, and well, you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat, and I’m pretty sure that cat was a Gemini. (#Just Saying) Last but certainly not least, Venus, planet of love and relationships, will be in the sign of Capricorn, and just so you know, this astrological transit certainly means business!

The reason I say this astrological transit means business is, the goddess of love typically prefers to keep things light, flirty and charming. However, when traveling through a sign that’s as righteous, pragmatic, and determined as Capricorn, Venus leaves absolutely no room for shenanigans. In other words, you’re either in it to win it, or you’re out. Period. Venus in Capricorn has no time to waste, and the same goes for our values, relationships, and spending habits during this time. Before I forget, red-hot Mars, planet of sex and desire, will be traveling through gorgeous Taurus, which is oh-so-fitting for this seductive holiday! Put it this way, Charmers: Taurus is sensual, languorous, and loves nothing more than to revel in earthly delights. Meanwhile, Mars is assertive, aggressive, and smolderingly passionate. Meaning, feel free to indulge in pleasures of all kinds this Valentine’s day. The stars are aligning in your favor.

With that said, here’s what the cosmos have in store for you this Valentine’s Day, according to your zodiac sign:


Take it easy, Aries babe. With the moon shaking up your chatty third house of communication, and thought process, you could get easily flustered with the details, but it’s the thought that counts, right? Don’t overthink it too much. In the end, you want someone you can show off to the rest of the world, and most importantly, a partner who can keep up with you personally, and professionally. Is that too much to ask?


Do something you’ve never done before, Taurus. You’ve been in the mood to take risks, and I’ve never been more proud. Besides, Mars is sizzling through your sign, and luckily for you, the stars are on your side this Valentine’s day. Got the hots for someone who isn’t your type? More reason to go for it! You’ve had enough of the stagnant routine, and you’re ready to break free. Need I say more?


Hate to break it to you, but you might be in your feels this V-day, Gemini. Granted, by feels I mean you’re experiencing back-to-back thoughts and general restlessness, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of it. All I suggest to you is, make sure you do you, and forget about everything else. You’ve been doing a lot of reflecting as of late, and it’s important that you decompress.


In the mood for something low-key this year? With the moon wandering through your dreamy 12th house of endings and beginnings, you’ll likely be in the mood for something quiet this Valentine’s day. Besides, things have been getting pretty serious with your S.O. as of late, so why not celebrate with a romantic night in? Netflix and chill? As long as there are red-rose-petal trails, right Cancer?


It’s the little things, Leo. I’m not going to lie, you could be a little torn this V-day, since you’ve been missing your soul tribe and all. Valentine’s Day bash at your place? All I know is, you’ll be in the mood to organize, and you also miss your besties, so why not make it a family affair? It’s always a party when you’re around, Leo. Besides, no one knows how to host a party like you.


You’re feeling as lavish as ever, Virgo. With gorgeous Venus dancing through your passionate fifth house of romance and creative expression this V-day, you’ll have no shame hogging the spotlight. Roses on roses? You bet. As long as the champagne is chilled, right? Love is in the air, and the energy is as steamy as ever. Get your red party dress on, Virgo babe. Loving you is red-hot.


Taking a walk on the wild side, Libra? Perhaps. Although, with your ruling planet Venus dazzling through your domestic fourth house of home, you’ll likely be in the mood for cozy candle-lit dinner alongside your S.O. this Valentine’s Day. Who knows, maybe you decide to take a romantic getaway! As long as you’re comfortable, Libra doll. Besides, it’s always Valentine’s Day when you’re around.


Sexting is your fave pastime, Scorpio. Although, easy on the schmoozing! Venus in Capricorn doesn’t want you leading anyone on. Besides, you’ve had plenty of victims…then again, it’s not your fault you’re a soul stealer, right Scorpio? All I’m going to tell you is, make sure your crush is mentally stimulating. You’re looking to merge with another mind, body, and soul. Nothing more; nothing less.


You’re feeling yourself, and with good reason, Sagittarius. With coquettish Venus dancing through your second house of values, money, and self-worth, one thing’s for sure: you’re in the mood to indulge, and in the finer things, too! You’ll also be extra attentive to the details this V-day, so if I were you, I would tell my S.O. what time it is. Fact is, you want to celebrate, and you expect to go all out. Period.


Do you, Capricorn. You’ve got no time to waste, and with the goddess of love sprinkling her dazzling charms over your sign this Valentine’s Day, you’ll be as charming as ever. I’m not exaggerating. This is charisma galore. Truth is, you always mean business, but you’re actually looking for the real deal. What you see is what you get, Capricorn darling. Don’t settle for anything less.


Dance the night away, Aquarius. Aside from the fact that it’s your birthday season, the moon is also shaking up your fifth house of love, which means, you’re in the mood to be swept off your feet. Granted, you’re not the most emotional in the zodiac, but that certainly doesn’t mean you don’t adore the spotlight. Don’t sell out to recharge your batteries this V-day, Aquarius darling. Go play. I promise you won’t regret it.


Oh, Pisces. You love what you can’t have, don’t you? Have fun, but whatever you do, don’t make a move on your sexy co-worker. Although, this very well could be someone in your group of friends, but trust me, you’ll regret it later. In the meantime, why not get creative, and tap into your inner artist? Expression is a beautiful thing, especially after few cocktails. Your S.O. will be your muse.