Welcome to The B Word: A BOXYCHARM Blog

Hey Charmers!

Welcome to The B Word, BOXYCHARMโ€™s official blog.

We launched The B Word because we wanted to give you guys a fun new way to learn about the products and brands that you know and the ones you will soon totally love. While sure, weโ€™re going to give you all the tutorials and How Toโ€™s a traditional beauty blog would, weโ€™re going to give you so much more because honestly, you deserve it. From engaging quizzes, to horoscopes, to style guides and the occasional recipe for a kick-ass cocktail, weโ€™ve sat together and put all of our best brain juices to work to ensure that B Word takes your Charmer experience to another level.

Youโ€™re probably wondering what the B stands for and well, thatโ€™s a story for another day. In the meantime, enjoy these very exclusive behind-the-scenes pics of this crazy but very fun launch journey.