Lady Gaga’s MUA, Sarah Tanno, Dishes On Unconventional Beauty Tips

When Sarah Tanno met Lady Gaga a decade ago, she had no idea that together, they would shake the beauty industry with their envelope-pushing looks, inspirationally unconventional ideas, and of course, the launching of Haus Laboratories (Gaga’s makeup line in which Tanno serves as the Global Artistic Director). Tanno sat down with BoxyCharm to discuss how working with Lady Gaga has changed the way she sees beauty, her favorite out-of-this world look, and the one makeup tip everyone should incorporate in their routine. Here’s what she had to say:

What is one universal makeup trick everyone should know?

That there are no rules. The trick is to take everything you know and mix it all up in a blender. Makeup is fun, expressive and there is no right or wrong way of doing anything.

Describe a time where you had to improvise while creating a new look?

There’s times when I don’t have any time and have moments to put a look together. I would try to utilize a product for multiple things. Like Haus Labs Glam Attack in Angel Baby on the eyes cheeks and lips. 

Model also wearing Le Riot Lip Gloss in Ethereal, RIP Lip Liner in Arc and Liquid Eye-LIE-Ner in Punk

What is one of your favorite unconventional makeup looks? (i.e; smoky eye and bold lip, graphic eyeliner, bleached brows, etc…)

I love a bleached brow. By erasing the brow it’s like you have no limits. I can completely change the dimensions of the face. Since brows frame your face, by taking them away I have more freedom. Even with no makeup a bleached brow looks beautiful and other worldly.

 Model wearing Le Monster Matte in Mastered

You have 5 mins to get ready, which products are you using?

I would use my concealer. HAUS Labs Liquid Eye-LIE-NER in Punk with my favorite mascara, and HAUS Labs Le Monster Matte Lip Crayon in Talk Dirty. That’s my every day quick glam.

What’s the best way to avoid a makeup meltdown this summer?

Try to use a more sheer and matte foundation. You can add highlighter on top to make the skin glow. But by controlling the glow in places you don’t want it helps. You can also finish with a setting spray. 

What is your go-to product from Haus Labs?

Liquid Eye-LIE-Ner in Punk. It’s a longwear, blacker than black liquid eyeliner and I love it because I trust it. Nothing worse than a liner chipping off or smudging halfway through your day. I know when I apply Punk, it’s not going anywhere until I take it off. Also, the tip is made to make your life easier. Drag on the side to stamp it on and sharpen ends with the fine tip. 

How has working with Lady Gaga/Haus Labs changed the way you see conventional beauty?

I think I’m more aware of the process it takes to come up with unique formulas. We always try to take the things we have learned over the years and build the tips and tricks into the makeup so it’s achievable for anyone to create beautiful looks in minutes. 

What is one monumental makeup tip you’ve learned from working with Lady Gaga/Haus Labs?

To take the pressure off yourself to look and feel a certain way. You are the author of your story and we want you to feel empowered and brave. Our makeup is just a tool to help you do that.

“Take the pressure off yourself to look and feel a certain way.”

– Sarah Tanno, Haus Labs Global MUA

Describe one of your favorite looks you’ve created on Lady Gaga?

I loved the premiere of A Star Is Born in Venice. She looked so radiant and happy.

What can we expect from you in the future?

More innovations. I want to help bring unique products to the world that make people feel like they can do anything a makeup artist can. I want to share what I’ve learned and help Gaga spread her message of kindness and leading with love. 

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