#BCinSession Recap: How To Get This Look With Carolina Enamorado

BoxyCharm held its first ever Virtual #BCinSession on Wednesday April 8th, 2020 where makeup guru Carolina Enamorado gave viewers a step-by-step guide on how to get camera ready. Guest enjoyed music selections ranging from Beyonce to Montell Jordan by DJ Storm, and an appearance from BoxyCharm CEO, Joe Martin. Check out the look Enamorado created below using products from previous BoxyCharm months:



Step 1:

Cleanse skin to remove any oil or residue from leftover products, so clean fresh skin is revealed.

BoxyCharm Product Recommendation: Evio Hemp Wipes

Step 2:

Prep face with the Farsali 24k Rose Gold Face Skin Mist. Be sure to shake product before using to ensure the 24k gold flakes are evenly distributed to skin.

Step 3:

Using the Pretty Vulgar Under Cover Concealer, warm up the product to create a creamy texture and use to cover the eyelid creating a blank canvas for the eyeshadow. Use this step to shape out the brow as well.

Step 4:

Use a clean fluffy brush to buff out the concealer around the outer corners of the eye and the inner corners as well.

Step 5:

With the Ace Beaute Scarlet Dusk Palette, use the color Lotus with a tapered blending brush, place the shadow on the middle of the eye so the pigment can be visibly seen.

Step 6:

Blend the eyeshadow around the outside corners towards the brow bone, in a circular motion to create a seamless look.

Step 7:

Mixing the colors Nocturnal and Sangria together, lightly create a shadow effect on the outer corners of the eye in a sideways triangle motion. Make sure to blend into the brow bone.

Step 8:

With a flat dense brush, use the color Maui and place on the round of the eyes toward the inner ducts as well, creating a shimmery effect.

Step 9:

Use the KVD Tattoo Liquid Liner to glide it across the lash line creating a guide on where to place the false lashes.

Step 10:

Using a brown eyeliner, apply to the bottom lash line and blend the bottom liner with the top liner for a seamless transition.

“Always do your makeup in an upward motion to give yourself a mini-facelift.” – Carolina Enamorado


Step 11:

After moisturizing and priming the skin, use Becca Ultimate Coverage 24-hour Foundation and the flat side of the Luxie sponge to blend the foundation into skin.

Step 12:

With Pretty Vulgar concealers (Shady Lady, Middle Ground, and Little White Lies), highlight and contour the face, around the forehead, cheekbones, jawline, under eye area, and nose.

Step 13:

Set the face with the Ciate London Vacay All Day powder, set in the middle of the forehead, on the bridge of the nose and under the eyes. Everywhere concealer was applied to ensure products stay in place. Once set, dust off any excess powder.

Step 14:

Wander Beauty Trip for Two Bronzer and Blush set, contour with the bronzer around the chin, forehead, and the tip of the nose. Apply blush on the apples of the cheeks blending into the bronzer.

Step 15:

Using Too Faced Diamond Light Highlighter, place highlight on the highest point of the cheekbone, on the cupids bow, and the bridge of the nose.

Step 16:

Using Brow Bar by Reema Brow Makeover Kit, shape brows to preference, and set with brow gel to hold brows in place.

Step 17:

Apply lashes for full effect

BoxyCharm Product Recommendation: Lily Lashes

Step 18:

Use Manna Kadar Beauty liner to line lips with liner of choice to prevent lip products from a smearing.

Step 19:

Top off the look with the Grande Cosmetics GrandeDrama Mascara, and set the face with the Farsali 24k Rose Gold Skin Mist.

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