Get Glowing Skin With Korean Skincare Brand: Saturday Skin

K-Beauty is the quirky name given to Korean skin care products that are currently thriving in the industry. The idea behind K-beauty is pretty simple, make your skin so beautiful that if you need makeup, it is minimal. Brands like Saturday Skin have become a vanity staple, ranging from products like sheet masks, cleansers and so much more. I wanted to give these products a try so I ordered the No Bad Days 4-piece collection, and needless to say, 3/4 products are now part of my daily skin care routine.

I think first impressions when it comes to skincare products are pretty b.s. (unless its a mask) because it truly takes around a month for your skin to adjust to all the newness. I am about to make my month with my Saturday Skin products and I can finally give an honest review on why I love these products so much.

rub-a-dub: Refining Peel gel

This is one of those products that you can feel the effects of while you are using it. This papaya and bromelain (it’s found in pineapples) packed peel rubs away the dullness and impurities from your skin. You actually feel the little dead skin particles as you massage this around your face, it’s so cool. As soon as you wash this off, your skin feels brighter and more plump. I don’t use this product daily, and you shouldn’t! I use it once a week at the beginning of the week to give my skin a clean, refreshing start.

daily dew: Hydrating Essence Mist

Doubling as a toner and an essence, this little mist is ready to give your skin so much dewy love. It is extremely hydrating, as most Korean beauty & skin products tend to be. You can use this both under and over your makeup, and I surely do. I feel like it gives your skin a nice, effortless, natural-looking glow

featherweight: Daily Moisturizing Cream

This moisturizer is my holy grail!!! I use it every single day. I feel like the intense moisture it provides creates the most perfect base for my foundation. It is extremely light weight, leaving your skin breathable after applying. Its infused with avocado protein extract that strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier. Korean skincare is designed to gently get your skin to long term perfection. While you may not see immediate results, you will in begin to notice your skin glow from within (as cheesy as that sounds).

wide awake: Brightening Eye Cream

This lil guy is the last step in my nighttime skin care routine before I roll my problems away with my jade roller. The date seed extract in it refreshes & visibly illuminates your under eye area. You literally wake up with refreshed-looking under eyes every day!