Everything You Should Be Changing For Your New Spring Beauty Routine

While spring means warm weather, blooming flowers, and new beginnings to some, to beauty enthusiast spring means one thing and one thing only – new routines. Swapping out thick moisturizing creams, darker eyeshadows, and full coverage anything is a necessity during this season. If you’re not sure where to start, we rounded-up our favorite Springtime beauty swaps below, so keep reading to find out more: 

Light Moisturizer & Hydrating Primer

In the wintertime our skin craves moisture, so we, being the loving skin care enthusiast we are, oblige by drenching it in the most moisturizing creams we can find. Which is great… for the winter. Spring, however, requires a little less than our typical winter routines. Switch up your go-to moisturizer for a lighter oil-free one, add a hydrating primer in its place, and watch your skin transform into a dewy dreamland. 

Sun Protection

 While you technically should be wearing SPF all year long, Spring is the best season to start back up (if you’ve missed a few weeks) and create a skin care regimen with sun protection included. The key to healthy skin, is protected skin. Oh, did we mention you get double points if your foundation has SPF in it?!

Lightweight Cleanser

Having a makeup meltdown is never a good luck, and there’s a high chance of that happening if you’re not washing your face with the right products. Our sweat glands are a bit more active during the warmer months, which means we don’t necessarily need the extra moisturizer in certain products. So, find yourself the best oil-free cleanser you can find, and say hello to your new matte T-zone. 

light coverage

Less is more in the springtime, and our makeup should reflect just that. Instead of opting for your normal full coverage look, try a bb cream or even just concealer for a lighter, refreshed look. Your skin will appreciate the swap, trust us. 

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are a necessity in the spring, so choosing darker shades can easily throw off mother nature’s natural aesthetic. Burgundy lipsticks turn into peachy nudes, smoky cat eyes turn into soft pinks and golds, and that deep red blush is now a glowing gold bronzer. 

Dewy Skin

Dewy skin is totally in. Instead of using our favorite baking technique, it’s time to try softer looks with a subtle glow. Why? Because we’re going for the effortless, blush pink, glowing skin, and stained lips look.