Best BoxyPopUp Gifts Under $50

Trust us, chic gifts do exist under $50, and we’ve rounded up the best in beauty, skincare, and lifestyle for your closest friends, family, and you of course, because – treat yo’ self, duh.

Gifts Under $10

Quick, give us one reason why anyone would believe that you spent less than $10 on products from Lilly Lashes, IGK, and IT Cosmetics – we’ll wait. 

Gifts Under $25

Whether you’re getting ready for a fun night out or getting ready for a cozy night in, these gifts under $25 will prep you for an unforgettable beauty-inspired evening.

Gifts Under $50

Say it with us: TREAT YO’ SELF! If glistening white smiles, bombshell hair, and a chic crocodile bag means nothing to you, then we don’t know what will (sighs in beauty bereavement) .

White Elephant Gifts

Holiday parties are right around the corner which mean an influx of Secret Santa, Treasure Hunts, and an assortment of gift exchange games are approaching, too. But don’t worry, these few gifts below will bring the holiday cheer out of any beauty addict and fashionista.

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