BoxyCharm held its second Virtual #BCinSession on Wednesday April 22nd, 2020 where celebrity makeup artist Rokael Lizama gave viewers a step-by-step guide on how to get create a Naturally Bold look using Vanity Makeup as his muse. Guest enjoyed music selections ranging from Beyonce to Drake by DJ Storm, and got to enter their before and after #Selfies for a chance to win over $1,000 in beauty products. Check out how to create this gorgeous look by Rokael using products from previous BoxyCharm months down below: 

Products used:

Billion Dollar Brows – Brow Kit

Saint Luxe – Eyeliner Trio

Dose of Colors – Hidden Treasure Palette

Becca – Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter

Pretty Vulgar – Faux Reals Mascara

Farsali – Rose Gold Skin Mist

Luxie Beauty – Complete Face Brush Set

Ciate London – Everyday Vacay Coconut Setting Powder 


  1. Prep and clean eyebrows with alcohol to ensure all makeup or oil is removed.
  2. Using the Billion Dollar Brows Brow Kit, in an upward motion fill and shape eyebrows to preference creating a feathered look.
  3. Highlight under eye area using a flat angled brush to create a clean line and shape creating an arched effect.
  4. Set brows with eyebrow gel to ensure longwear.


  1. Use a concealer as a base for eyeshadow creating a smooth even toned look.
  2. Set eyelids with primer of choice or setting powder with a fluffy brush.
  3. Using the Dose of Colors Hidden Treasure Palette, take a tapered brush and the use the color Rocket to create a guideline for your eyeshadow in a cat eye like shape.
  4. Using the bronze Saint Luxe eyeliner pencil, go along the baseline of the eye to create a subtle blended effect.
  5. With a fluffy brush and the shade Locket, blend colors together for a smoothly transitioned look. 
  6. Coat lashes with Pretty Vulgar’s Faux Real mascara on top and bottom lashes.
  7. Once dry, apply false lashes for a dramatic look.
  8. Mix the colors Pearl and Coin with a small tapered brush and apply in the inner corners of the eye for a widened look. 
  9. Mix the colors Map and Locket and apply along the lower lash line to subtly smoke out the bottom eye area.


  1. Prep skin with Farsali Rose Gold Skin Mist.
  2. Use concealer to highlight the under eyes, down the bridge of the nose, and middle of the forehead to create a bright refreshed look.
  3. Using a flat blending brush, blend concealer with light brush strokes creating a soft natural glow.
  4. Using a shade that is 1-2 tones lighter than your normal concealer, highlight the sides of the nose and the bridge of the nose and blend lightly.
  5. Using your normal shade of concealer, highlight under the cheekbones to create a guide for contour.
  6. Using Ciate London’s Everyday Vacay Coconut Setting Powder, set concealed areas and bake for 5-10 mins.
  7. After you’ve baked, lightly dust excess powder off.
  8. With your contour, lightly create a guideline above the highlighted cheek area, base of the hairline, and along the sides of the nose creating a sculpted effect. 
  9. Blend contour in with a flat brush. Then using a fluffy brush to sculpt the jawline and décolleté area. 
  10. Using preferred foundation, with a flat head brush, lightly apply product to bare areas of the face, cleaning up any minor mistake for a flawless finish.
  11. Set these areas with setting powder, and lightly dust off once fully baked.


  1. Using lip color of your choice, carefully line lips.
  2. Apply lip product of choice to lips.
  3. Clean up any areas with blurred lines with a concealer for a perfect pout.

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