8 Ways to Stay Productive While at Home

How we spend our time at home says a lot about who we are as individuals. Whether you’re into knitting, cooking, or cleaning, staying busy during challenging times is pivotal in staying balanced. We rounded up eight of our favorite things to do at home to keep us positive and productive. Check them out below:

Organize Your Closet

If there was any time to take advantage of spring cleaning for your closet, it’s now. Jam some music, open a window, and get rid of all the clothes you haven’t worn in ages. Yes, that includes that dress you’ve been “planning” to wear for years now. 

BWord Tip: Donate your clothes to GoodWill. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Yoga and Meditation

Gyan mudra close up image

Take a deep breath, and slow down. Practicing yoga and meditation is a great way to instill an exercise and mindfulness routine into your daily schedule. It’s also a proven fact that a few minutes of mediation can positively reduce stress, anxiety, addictions and more.

BWord Tip: Practice meditating before leaving your bed in the morning to express gratitude and set an intention for the day. 

Learn to Bake


There’s not much that a fresh batch of cupcakes and cookies can’t fix. Aside from being one of the tastier activities to proudly participate in, baking is also an expression of creativity and a guaranteed way of putting a smile on someone’s face. If that isn’t enough to convince you, read the first sentence again. 

BWord Tip: Make enough goodies for your neighbors. Shared food is the best food.  

Practice New Dance Moves


Freedom feels like dancing around in your living room to your favorite song and not caring what anyone thinks. Not only can you brush up on some of your favorite dance moves (hello, TikTok), but dancing is a great way to get your cardio in for the day. Look at that, two birds one shimmying stone.

BWord Tip: Dance in front of the mirror for an extra boost of confidence

Master a New Craft

Giving Final Touches on Artwork

Learning something new can truly change your life. It helps your brain grow stronger, mind work faster, and in most cases, can even develop into a lifelong career path. Challenge yourself and do the one thing you’ve always wished you knew how to do.

BWord Tip: Don’t be afraid of failing the first few times. The master was once the student.

Learn a New Language


Hola¡ Bonjour, Ciao! The world is a melting pot complete with rich cultures, customs, and languages; to only understand one is a limitation no one should be proud of. Watch your favorite TV shows in another language or immerse yourself in a culture different from yours and appreciate the beauty in the differences. 

BWord Tip: Try to speak your new language as much as possible. Practice makes perfect.

Read a Book

Lovely young lady portrait - happy woman lifestyle concept

You know that amazing book you’ve been putting off reading for months? It wants to be read. Crack open any book that piques your interest and indulge in all its glory. Because books truly are a doorway to another world. 

BWord Tip: The best time is read is right before you go to bed. Put away all electronics and let your mind work its magic. 

Play with Your Pets

Beautiful girl with dog

Our fur babies need love too. While their complete world revolves around loving us, (and the occasionally ball or two), it’s only right we give them the undivided attention they seek. Plus, the sooner you tire them out, the quicker they’ll fall asleep.

BWord Tip: Your pet probably enjoys sitting on the balcony and getting fresh air and sunlight just as much as you do.