5 Ways to Practice Essential Self-Care While at Home

A healthy and sustainable life starts at home. Which is why building an essential relaxing at-home regimen is absolutely necessary. Something as simple as taking a nice, warm, relaxing bubble bath can alleviate a day’s worth of stress, believe us – we’ve got the pruney fingers to prove it. Keep reading below and start incorporating these mini, but major, activities into your everyday life and watch the stress melt off of you:

Take a Relaxing Bath

After a long stressful day, there’s one guaranteed way to physically and mentally wash the day away – a bath. Benefits from a relaxing bath don’t stop at smooth skin, and calming essential oils; heart health, muscle and joint pain-relief, and even hormone balancing are some of the many concerns a simple bath can treat. 

Give Yourself a Facial

We agree, there’s nothing quite like a good ol’ facial from our favorite aesthetician at our favorite spa. But sometimes, we have to get down to the nitty gritty and unclog those pores, remove those blackheads, and hydrate our skin ourselves. With the right products and tools, this process can actually be more enjoyable than it seems, and if you get really good at it, think about all the money you’ll be saving on DIY facials. 

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

If you’ve been having active breakouts, there’s a high possibility it can be because you’re using dirty makeup brushes. On average we should be cleaning our brushes at least twice a month, considering on how often we use them, especially eyeshadow brushes. So, think of keeping our brushes clean an essential part of our makeup routine, because who wants to deal with breakouts when you trying to slay a beatdown?

Throw Out Expired Makeup

If you’ve been using the same mascara for half a year now, let us be the first to tell you – it’s time to throw that bad boy out. As much as we’d like to ignore the fact that our beloved bronzers, blushes, and lipsticks have an expiration date, they do. While most beauty products have an expiration date on the packaging, a general rule of them is to toss them after a few months depending on how often you’re using them. 

Try New Makeup Looks and Hairstyles

If there was any time to start experiencing with new looks, it’s now. All those saved makeup looks you’ve been storing on Instagram and Pinterest, and all of those amazing new how-to tutorials on hairstyles you’ve been watching can finally be put into fruition. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even stumble across a signature look.