5 Reasons We Are Crazy About LUXIE Beauty

Their new set included in the July Box is made for makeup lovers 

 If you opened your July BoxyCharmbox (or let’s be honest, tore it open, as most of us did), you were probably surprised and delighted by the adorableLUXIE Gaea 3 Piece Brush Setthat was waiting for you. The simple recyclable paper packaging contains three chic white makeup brushes with rose colored handles for your eyes and face. 

If you aren’t already familiar with the brand, here’s some insider intel you should know.

The brand was inspired by personal experience 
From necessity springs invention. LUXIE founder Tammy Huynh has sensitive skin, but she couldn’t find any high-quality synthetic makeup brushes that didn’t make her break out, so like a true entrepreneur, she decided to make her own. Tammy launched the San Jose, California based-brand in 2014 with her husband and partner Mike Tran, and the rest is history!

LUXIE brushes are friendly to the earth and to your skin
Those velvety soft brushes don’t just feel great when you swipe them across your skin. The wood handled brushes with premium synthetic bristles are handcrafted with hypoallergenic, high-quality, vegan and 100% recyclable materials. If that’s not enough, none of the products are tested on animals and even the packaging is recyclable! 

LUXIE’S eco mission is everywhere
Gaea, the name of the most recent LUXIE set, is inspired by Greek mythology. As the Earth and universal mother of all things, Gaea was a powerful and important goddess to the Greeks. Luxie calls the name “the personification of Earth and the mother of everything beautiful in this world.” What a tribute! 

The name also mirrors the brand’s own mission to promote a healthy and wholesome lifestyle that’s as good for your body as it is for the environment. Hopefully, using this set will inspire you as well!

The Gaea 3-Piece Brush Set is an essential
We firmly believe that you can never have too many brush sets for your makeup. After all, a good brush will reduce the transferring of germs and bacteria from your hands to your face and they help achieve those flawless, professional, and well-blended results we’re all aiming for. Brushes mean better looks and clearer skin!

But we especially like that theLUXIE Gaea 3 Piece Brush Setdoesn’t include an overwhelming amount of brushes that you might not know how to use. Instead, LUXIE keeps it straightforward with three perfectly curated essentials that will your makeup application easy: a foundation brush, a large eye blending brush, and a precision crease. And since they’re already clearly labeled on the handle, you’ll never wonder what brush to use for the situation.

Charmers already love LUXIE’s Gaea, and you will, too!
There are already tons of LUXIE fans at BoxyCharm, and after you try these brushes, you’re likely to feel the same way. Here’s what just a few Charmers are saying about theLUXIE Gaea 3 Piece Brush Setset.

“Loving this brush set! High-quality brushes from handle to hairs. Luxie brushes also last me a long time and have never done me wrong.” – Jessica J

“The flat brush is great for applying foundation if you don’t like a sponge, but I prefer to apply with a brush and blend with my sponge. The brush is also great for applying masks, like the one we got in the box from Elemis! Love Luxie, I can’t say it enough! 
– Jacob T

 “Luxie brushes are such beautiful quality. They hold up wash after wash and perform wonderfully!” – Christine P

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Blog post by Sandra Nygaard