3 Easy Steps to Gorgeous Lashes—With Only 1 Tool

Streamline your process and plump up your peepers with Trestique Good Vibes Mascara

If your makeup bag is starting to remind you of a New York City apartment (that is, overcrowded and pressed for space) you’re going to love Trestique Good Vibes Mascara. Trestique is the first mascara and curling tool combined into one simple product. There’s no need for a bulky metal curler when this amazing mascara lifts and lengthens with a single, sleek tube. Here are your three foolproof moves to lust-worthy lashes.

Step 1: 

Use the curling tool at the top to lift your lashes up. This is the perfect prep to enhance short or straight lashes while also separating and defining them. Insert the hairs and press for 3-5 seconds. And don’t forget to move the tool across your eye to make sure there’s no uncurled lash left behind!

Step 2:

Apply the mascara to those beautifully curved lashes! As close to the roots of the lashes as possible, brush the mascara on in small, upward strokes. Wiggle the brush slightly to prevent clumps and to coat each lash evenly. Brush downward for bottom lashes using the same wiggling motion.

Step 3: 
Repeat Step 2, making sure not to miss any small lashes in the corners. Add some extra to the tips and corners.

We love this mascara not only for the lengthening effects, but also because the vegan and cruelty-free formula is made from 84 percent naturally derived ingredients. Trestique Good Vibes Mascara will give you bold, beautiful lashes without batting an eye!