The Best Nail Designs and Manicures Spotted in 2019

Admit it, you, like us, have a folder on Instagram saved where all pictures of the most elaborate nail designs live. We’re talking pearl embellished, Swarovski encrusted, color-blocked nails

This year has been one to remember regarding upping our nail game, and our nail techs can certainly attest to that – we apologize in advance. Check out our favorite nail designs of 2019:


Pearls are having a moment, and we are 100% here for it. 


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Less is so much more with this trend.


This out of the world look has been infiltrating our Instagram feeds and we appreciate the cosmic vibes. 

Tortious Shell:

There are very few things classier than tortious shell print, but this nail trend is one of them. 

Rose Quartz:

With crystals being the center of 2019 it was only right for the intrinsic design to end up on our nails. 


Who would have thought that leaving an empty space in a nail design would elevate our manicures?


Choosing one color is so last year. 

Graphic Art:

If we could frame our manicures and hang them in the Louvre, we would. 


This isn’t just a springtime trend; these florals nails are here to stay. 


When your manicure sparkles brighter than your diamonds a new level of chic is reached.

2019 has been a year full of nail designs that we are certain will transition over to the next decade.